DataViz My
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DataViz My is a service provider to help users from a range of technical and business backgrounds add value to their organizations by identifying and communicating opportunities in data. We have had extensive experience since 2015 in mapping out profiles of typical data science career journeys across a diversity of data professionals, in organizations from startups to enterprise to government and education.

The mission of DataViz My is to promote a culture of active learning around data. We help users of varying technical skillsets access big data technologies to critically and constructively apply insights for real world outcomes. The network of instructors for DataViz My have a comprehensive track record of industry experience.

Since 2015, we have worked with several Malaysian government agencies, commercial and higher education partners to provide workshops and events for data professionals with career aspirations in the big data analytics sector. We have conducted research on skills in demand by Malaysian employers where there are gaps in higher education provision.

DataViz My was the inaugural facilitator of the Data Science Primer Course hosted by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) Academy. This was a part-time 8-week programme which gave participants an appreciation for the areas of study relevant to data science and practical opportunities to use the basic concepts in a startup context. This was the first industry data science course offered in Malaysia. We have helped more than 100 entrepreneurs and professionals through this program.